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New Board Member Profile: Jake Maliel, Partner, TA Realty

By Wisconsin School of Business

July 26, 2022

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Jake Maliel
Jake Maliel, Partner
TA Realty

We are proud to welcome Jake Maliel, Partner, TA Realty to our Board of Advisors. His industry insight and experience will be a valuable addition to the Graaskamp Center for Real Estate as we work to maintain our position as the global leaders in real estate education. Read below to learn more about Jake.

Describe your current position and what an average work day is like for you.

I serve as a Co-Portfolio Manager overseeing TA Realty’s Core Property Fund, an open-end core fund that was launched to the market in 2018.  As a portfolio manager, I get involved in all facets of fund management including affirming Fund strategy, reviewing acquisition and disposition opportunities, interacting with asset management, thinking through debt capitalization plans, understanding quarterly valuations, and interacting frequently with new and prospective investors. 

What does the world need from real estate professionals today? 

A continued appreciation and understanding that the investment decisions we make matter to everyday people in our communities whether it be on behalf of the beneficiaries of many state/municipal pension plans who have some portion of their retirement plan assets invested in commercial real estate or the impact of real estate within our communities in terms of places to live, work, and shop.  Overarching all of this is the impact of real estate on the broader environment, an area of increasing focus for obvious reasons.  

What are the industry’s most profound changes over the last 15 years? Looking to the future, how do you think the industry will change in the next 15 years? 

Over the past 15 years, certainly post GFC, transparency within the industry has shifted in a necessary way towards providing clients with greater access and insights into fund performance, valuations, and the underlying assets within a portfolio.  This greater need for transparency has helped accelerate the utilization of data analytics which has helped transform real estate investment decision making.  Going forward, the impact of real estate on the climate will continue to take on greater importance driven by both clients looking to make sound holistic investment decisions as well as legislative bodies wrestling with the role of real estate in a warming global climate.  

What do you enjoy most about being in the real estate profession?

Fundamentally, this profession is rooted in people and relationships.  Though the ways in which we work have changed over the years – including our reliance on data to drive decisions – this has actually placed a further premium on relationships in the market to help ascertain what the data is telling us in order to make sound investment decisions. 

What’s the most interesting or fulfilling project you’ve worked on? 

I was fortunate to join the portfolio management team for the Core Fund well before it was ever launched to the market.  I was part of a team that was tasked with its construction and have helped manage and grow the Fund ever since.  Looking back nearly 5+ years later, I’m grateful for the opportunity and proud to have executed on behalf of our clients who entrusted their capital to us.

What advice would you give to our students who are about to embark on a career in real estate? 

It’s a great career if you are passionate about it, enjoy building relationships, and are ready to put in the work.