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Three Wisconsin Real Estate Graduate Students Recognized as Goldie Scholars

By Wisconsin School of Business

September 14, 2022

We are proud to announce that Madelyn Cruz (MS ‘ 23) has been recognized as a Goldie Scholar for the 2022-23 academic year. Cruz is the first Real Estate Master’s student from the Wisconsin Real Estate Program to join The Goldie Initiative (TGI). She joins Janay Hull (MBA ’23) who will also be a Goldie Scholar this fall. Madelyn and Janay will join Margeaux Wysockey (MBA ’23) who was recognized as a Goldie Scholar last year and will continue as a Goldie Scholar for the 2022-23 academic year.  As Goldie Scholars, Wysockey, Hull, and Cruz have been awarded scholarships, exclusive networking opportunities, and the ability to participate in a mentoring program with current industry leaders through the Goldie Initiative.

“I am extremely honored to be selected as a Goldie Scholar. The Goldie Initiative has a long history of preparing women for leadership roles and supporting the power of working collectively and uplifting the next generation. As I pursue my graduate degree, the Goldie Initiative and its mentors will empower me to overcome challenges and barriers so I can succeed as a leader. Being a Goldie Scholar will undoubtedly advance my personal and professional visions, help me blaze the trail for others, and uplift the marginalized segments of society through real estate.”

-Madelyn Cruz (MS ’23)

The Goldie Initiative was founded in 2007 by Goldie B. Wolfe Miller, whose name is well known in Chicago. Miller established herself within the real estate industry as an entrepreneur and sold her own firm in 1998 after closing $3 billion in commercial real estate deals. Now, aside from being recognized as the former owner of the largest female-owned commercial real estate firm, Miller is making an impact on the future of women in the business. The goal of The Goldie Initiative is to prepare the next generation of women in the real estate industry to be successful leaders in their field – one that is run predominantly by men.

Miller is also a Board Member of the James A. Graaskamp Center for Real Estate and she was the first woman to receive the Graaskamp Center’s prestigious Innovator Award in 2021.  The Innovator Award recognizes leading industry professionals for embodying the spirit of real estate innovation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

We are also proud to announce Real Estate Alumnus and Graaskamp Board Member Pam Boneham (MBA ’81) will be recognized as the 2022 Goldie Gala Shero at the Goldie Gala on September 22 in Chicago.

The Graaskamp Center is grateful for its ongoing partnership with The Goldie Initiative. These three women continue a steady stream of Wisconsin School of Business real estate graduate students who have been selected to be a part of the Goldie Scholars’ roster since 2016. “Being selected as a Goldie Scholar is a fantastic opportunity for our students and we’re honored to have three Wisconsin Real Estate graduate students participating this year, including two MBA students and our first MS student. From the scholarship support to the mentoring and professional development opportunities, the Goldie Scholars Program complements our students’ academic experience and helps them cultivate lifelong connections so they can excel both personally and professionally.” – Greg Reed, Associate Director of the Graaskamp Center.

“I was so honored to be selected as a Goldie Scholar; I’m truly grateful for not only the networking opportunities, but also the leadership development experience. Everyone within the network has been so welcoming and more than willing to share their insights, resources and perspectives, which is has been an invaluable asset. I’m thrilled to be a part of such an amazing organization and cannot wait to continue The Goldie legacy.”

-Janay Hull (MBA ‘ 23)

As Goldie Scholars, Wysockey, Hull and Cruz are 3 of 30 women recognized in the 2022-23 class of Goldie Scholars. The program accepts applicants from 12 schools in the Midwest, UW-Madison included, and has several requirements. The women who apply must demonstrate academic excellence and intensive work outside of the classroom, as well as submit essays, recommendations, and go through a personal interview.

“Every woman I have spoken to from the Goldie Initiative has been enthusiastic to share their resources, contacts and perspectives. We are constantly sharing connections, opportunities, and perspectives on specific markets and areas of the business. I feel fortunate to be a part of this organization and the seeds it has sown for the future of our industry. I hope to emulate their service to so many women moving forward!

Margeaux Wysockey, MBA ‘23

The Graaskamp Center has a long history of supporting women real estate.  On the undergraduate front, approximately 30% of real estate majors in the Wisconsin School of Business are women. To meet that level of interest, the Woman in Real Estate club was formed and today has close to 100 members. Additionally, the 2021 fall semester was the first time that two women led the Real Estate Club as co-presidents and the 2022 fall semester will be second time that that two women, Margeaux Wysockey and Victoria Clarke, lead the Real Estate Club as co-presidents.