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Executive Advisory Board Meeting and Alumni Dinner

By Kaitlyn Tetzlaff

October 12, 2021

Group Photo

On Thursday, September 30, the Grainger Center community came together for its annual Executive Advisory Board meeting and alumni dinner.

During the morning session, second year MBA students and BBA seniors presented their impressive internship accomplishments to the board.  There was an impressive array of companies and experiences on display: process redesign at Amazon, supplier negotiations at Micron, consulting projects at Deloitte, and analytics at Target were just some of the presentation topics. 

After lunch, students broke off into smaller groups to discuss current topics in supply chain with board members, such as how supply chains are becoming more resilient due to increasingly unpredictable conditions, and the importance of communication and storytelling in supply chain.  The groups consisted of two or three board members and five or six students, which gave students a rare and intimate opportunity to interact with the Center’s board member supply chain leaders.

When the ‘business’ part of the day concluded, the celebrating started.  It was a spectacular evening on the rooftop of Monona Terrace in downtown Madison, overlooking lake Monona.  Current students, alumni, faculty, and board members came together to socialize and network.

Capping things off, annual scholarship awards were presented to second year MBA student Ashish Jain, and BBA senior Olympia Wundrock.

The annual board meeting and evening celebration is a highlight each year for students and board members alike, and it was especially rewarding to gather in-person and re-connect this year, which hasn’t been possible since the fall of 2019.

A man presenting a presentation in front of people
A man and a woman holding large plaques with headshots on the plaques
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A man presenting in front of a group of people
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A man speaking in a group of people
A man and a woman smiling at the camera
Group photo of board members