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Supply Chain Students Highlighted in the “Trusted to Lead” Campaign

By Kaitlyn Tetzlaff

February 22, 2023

Supply Chain Students in Trusted to Lead

About the campaign:

The Wisconsin School of Business’ “Trusted to Lead” campaign features four Supply Chain Management students – Olivia Asare, Yueran Zhao, Lissy Kettleson, and Chloe Thorpe. The campaign celebrates a different way of doing business through the stories of individuals who are trusted to lead when there is no blueprint. The Wisconsin School of Business is developing, celebrating, and inspiring trusted leaders. The Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management is  proud of our students that are paving the way!

Olivia Asare

Our first student highlight is Olivia! Olivia is a junior studying Supply Chain Management, Marketing, and Operations and Technology Management with a goal of building others up on the path to success. Throughout her time at UW, Olivia has joined the board of the Multicultural Center at the Wisconsin School of Business, has taken on a leadership role with Diverse Leaders of Tomorrow, and is active with the Boys & Girls Club. This summer Olivia will be interning for Bain & Company in their summer consultant internship program and hopes to stay there post graduation before ultimately finding the opportunity to create something of her own. While Olivia has a long list of impressive accomplishments she says, “Take everything with a very humble attitude and continue to give back. Because you’re only as good as the people around you, and it’s good to build other people up.” Congratulations Olivia!

Yueran Zhao

Our next student highlight is Yueran! Yueran is a senior studying Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Management and HR, and Chinese Professional Communication with a goal of bringing a global perspective to marketing. Having a background of living in different countries and being fluent in four different languages, Yueran prides herself on being a deeply respectful and inclusive leader, and credits her leadership approach to this exposure. At Madison, Yueran has held a variety of leadership positions including Vice President for Delta Sigma Phi, Vice President of the Marketing Society, and Director of Client Relations for the Advertising Club. Yueran aspires  to join a prestigious ad agency and work on a high-profile marketing campaign that would be a game changer for her client and says that, “I love the creative aspect of marketing. Just being able to know that there’s not one answer, but you can solve a problem in multiple different aspects, is really cool to me.” Congratulations Yueran!

Lissy Kettleson

Our third student highlight is Lissy! Lissy is a senior studying Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, and Marketing, with a goal of linking business and sustainability through supply chain. Lissy views business as a way to make the world a better place and is determined to use her business background to help companies decrease their footprint and create a more circular economy. During her time at UW, Lissy has been the President of the student organization Sex Out Loud and has held an internship at Trek Bicycle Corporation. Through her internship at Trek, Lissy has been able to witness firsthand how a company can use its platform to create positive change. Lissy believes doing good in the world is not only an opportunity for businesses, but also a responsibility and says, “Something that our generation has been moving more towards societally is making an expectation that businesses should take a stand and impact what’s around them, which has made more of them refocus. I think that’s a great thing for me to be stepping into environmental-wise, and I’m really excited to try to help.” Congratulations Lissy!

Chloe Thorpe

Our final student highlight is Chloe! Chloe is a junior studying Supply Chain Management and Marketing with a goal of building a consulting career upon hard work and belief. Throughout her time at Madison, Chloe has had an array of experiences including the Goldman Sachs Emerging Leaders Program, Procter & Gamble Standout Program, and Morgan Stanley Early Insights Program, to name a few. Additionally, in 2022, Chloe gained real-world experience in logistics, procurement, forecasting, and distribution as a supply chain consultant intern with Ernst & Young in New York. Chloe is looking to go into consulting with a goal of increasing access to healthcare, but her goals do not end there and says, “I’m very fortunate to have been accepted to a lot of programs and companies, but I know that some people don’t have the opportunity to have résumé reviews, learn how to set up an informational interview, and learn how to network. I hope to be able to give back in that light.” Congratulations Chloe!