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Exploring the Future: Generative AI Applied Learning

By Shanae Doerr

September 29, 2023

Shanae Doerr

The conference commenced with informative and engaging presentations by Professors Neeraj Arora, Dani Bauer, and Allen Li. They provided the audience with a comprehensive introduction to Generative AI, ensuring that everyone had a foundational understanding of this transformative technology. Following these academic insights, industry leaders shared their experiences of integrating generative AI into their respective fields, spanning from advertising to insurance.

One particularly captivating session delved into the intricate technology underlying generative AI. Maruthy Vedam, Director of Custom Chip Development at Google, offered a deep dive into the world of AI processors, accompanied by visually stunning representations. While the technical jargon might have been challenging to grasp entirely, Vedam’s presentation provided a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of the technology that powers our AI-driven future.

The afternoon session featured a stimulating panel discussion featuring industry leaders and a UW PhD student. Conversation shifted from the fundamentals of AI to its real-world applications, as well as the profound societal implications it carries. The panel of experts engaged in a robust discussion on the ethical dimensions surrounding AI across all industries. It served as a stark reminder that while generative AI holds immense promise, it also poses crucial questions regarding privacy, bias, and accountability.

Event organizers thoughtfully ensured that attendees had ample opportunities to network with fellow attendees and industry professionals. This facilitated meaningful connections and further enriched the learning experience.

The day was a testament to innovation, creativity, and thought-provoking discussions that will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of AI and business.

Applied Learning Agenda:

What is GenAI: An introduction- Professors Neeraj Arora, Dani Bauer, and Allen Li

Technology that drives GenAI- Maruthy Vedam, Google, Director Custom Chip Development

Generative AI in Insurance- Glenn Fung, Liberty Mutual Insurance, VP, Head Data Science and Machine Learning

Generative AI in advertising- Levant Koc, Google, Principal Engineer

Generative AI at AWS- Adam Sutherland, WW Go-To-Market Team, and Public Sector Lead

Panel discussion:

Scott Culpepper, Mailchimp, General Couns

Dennis McCrae, Velocity AI, Managing Partner

Ben Hayum, Ph.D student, Wisconsin AI Safety Initiative