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GMN Case Competition: Not Just For Marketers

By Briana Powell

February 2, 2022

A student presenting in the Plenary Room during the GMN Case Competition

I recently had the pleasure of being part of the annual Graduate Marketing Network Case Competition held on January 28, 2022. In its twelfth year, this dynamic event provides participants an occasion to put their business acumen to practice while gaining experience working to solve real-world marketing problems.

portrait of Briana Powell
Briana Powell

As I think about the experiences I want to gain and how I want to stretch my thinking throughout my time in the MBA program, I am proud that I decided to take a risk and volunteer for this case competition because it gave me the chance to learn more about myself. This case competition was exciting but also challenging. Having been a teacher in my previous career where there is typically one right answer, I was challenged in such a way that allowed me to move away from this idea of there being “one right answer” and move toward thinking about multiple answers that aren’t categorized by being right or wrong. 

This case is not just for marketers. It’s for any student in any specialization looking to gain new skills that exist outside of their comfort zone. For me, that is what this MBA experience is all about – getting outside of what is familiar and discovering new passions I didn’t even know I would like or be good at. The involvement, the people, and let’s not forget the pressure, are all designed to help me be the best well-equipped business professional I can be by the time I graduate. Not only am I applying classroom material; but I am tightening my leadership style, strengthening my relationships, beefing up my resume, and building a network of professionals with whom I can connect. This has been a great competition and the benefits are invaluable. I encourage any first-year MBA student to seize the opportunity of being part of the annual GMN Case Competition. You won’t regret it!