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Learning and Development Workshop

By Shanae Doerr

October 6, 2022

students involved in an outdoor lawn activity

The first SHR Center applied learning workshop of the year was facilitated by the University of Wisconsin’s Adventure Learning Program (ALPS). Through different types of workshops, ALPS organizes adventure-based teambuilding experiences that foster understanding and cooperation among group members.

Shanae Doerr
Shanae Doerr

The workshop was intended to provide background in the Learning and Development knowledge domain from the SHRM BASK (Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge). This type of learning program also supports Organizational Effectiveness and Development, another SHRM BASK knowledge domain. During the workshop, SHR students participated in multiple engaging activities together that encouraged communication and collaboration.

The applied learning workshop had two main goals:

  1. Promote SHR cohort team building
  2. Provide an example of team building for students as future strategic human resources leaders

When speaking to SHR students who participated, a common theme emerged: the importance of creating a space for connection. People need time and presence together to be able to know, get used to, and be open with one another. This can be a hard thing to do organically so having team-building workshops is a great way to provide the space for teams to connect and grow together. SHR students are a team that became stronger and closer due to the Adventure Learning Program Workshop. Thank you to all SHR students and staff for participating in this applied learning session that built community and connection.