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What I love about the SHR specialization

By Anais Samanez

July 26, 2023

SHR students in Chicago
Anais Samanez

I have developed a deep admiration for the field of strategic human resources (SHR). This admiration has grown from my extensive work experience in different industries in my home country and my MBA journey. What impresses me the most about this dynamic area of business is its broad scope and the enormous opportunities offered. These opportunities make both a significant contribution at an organizational level and a meaningful and positive impact at an individual level.

When it was time to decide which area of business to specialize in, my mind and instincts led to SHR. Having completed the first year of my MBA, I can confirm this specialization teaches beyond aligning HR practices with an organization’s strategic goals. It provides an extensive understanding of the importance of implementing a strategic staffing plan and of having an adequate compensation and benefits program in an organization. SHR also teaches developing and establishing labor-management relations in the workplace and of using appropriate data and statistical analysis to make informed decisions through people analytics. These are just some of the range of topics SHR has to offer to create outstanding HR professionals.

Another valuable aspect of the Wisconsin School of Business MBA SHR specialization is the opportunity the program provides to participate in different workshops and conferences. This year we had the HR trek to Chicago to visit companies from various industries and connect with HR professionals. We also had an applied learning experience which allowed me to work in a four month consulting project. Working with an insurance broker company here in Madison, I solved a real-world human resources issue. This was an incredibly beneficial experience because I applied my skills and knowledge of the insurance industry and learned from mistakes. It also helped me identify my flaws and be better prepared for the business consulting project in my second year. 

Thanks to my MBA SHR specialization at the Wisconsin School of Business, I am enriching my skills while strengthening my HR expertise. This will allow me to work in any kind of industry and in a broad range of roles. These role could include recruitment and selection, training and development, employment law and compliance, and compensation and benefits. In other words, the program is helping me turn into a well-rounded and versatile HR professional.