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Workplace Mental Health

All You Need to Know (For Now)

By Briana Campbell

February 22, 2023

SHR student Briana Campbell leading a discussion on workplace mental health
portrait of Briana Powell
Briana Campbell

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking to my classmates about mental health in the workplace, a topic very near and dear to my heart. After viewing the TED Talk “Workplace Mental Health – all you need to know (for now)” by Tom Oxley, we discussed the importance of being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health issues when they arise, particularly in the workplace. As business leaders and colleagues, it’s critical that we create safe places at work for people to talk about mental health. For many of us, if we aren’t at home, we’re at work spending 40 – 50 hours, if not more, with colleagues. As much as we try to keep our personal life separate from our work life, it’s not always easy when you battle with mental illness, poor mental health, or even an overwhelming amount of stress.

One way to raise awareness and break the silence is to complete Mental Health First Aid training. This is a great way to get trained on how to assess for various risks, listen nonjudgmentally, provide reassurance and information, and encourage appropriate professional help. You’ll learn strategies for how to help someone in a crisis or non-crisis situation. Check out for more information.

Let’s destigmatize mental health and normalize the conversation.