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My Second Year in the MBA

By Jason Lee

May 21, 2022

Jason with his classmates

Wisconsin: The land of cheese, beer, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Truly a combination that makes for a great experience. For those of you who are considering attending the MBA Program at the WSB, I hope my reflections as second year MBA helps you get a better understanding of what to expect.

The second year of the MBA Program is like a choose-your-own-adventure for business courses, outside of a few required classes. There’s so many amazing courses taught by friendly and knowledgeable professors, it’s hard to narrow the choices down to fit into your credit load. For me, my interests lie in marketing and entrepreneurship. So I decided to pursue a Fellowship in Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship from the Weinert Center, in addition to my MBA specialization in Marketing Analytics and Insights. There’s quite a few graduate certificates that you can pursue in addition to your MBA education.

There’s also such a great community within the MBA program. I’ve gotten to know many of my professors on a personal level and have made many lifelong friends within the program. The Wisconsin School of Business does a great job facilitating relationship building by sponsoring entertaining events and speakers that bring together faculty and students. There’s also a lot of social events outside of school sanctioned events, like TAPS, tailgates, ice skating, club sports, and many others.

The Wisconsin MBA has been a challenging, but rewarding experience. I’ve grown professionally and personally and it’s definitely a bittersweet feeling to be going into my final semester. If you’re a potential student considering an MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business, I highly recommend taking a deeper look.