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Kristin Branch’s New Role as Instructor of Marketing 300 at WSB

By Neeraj Arora

May 3, 2024

Kristin Branch

After over 17 years of distinguished service to the A.C. Nielsen Center, the Center for Brand and Product Management (CBPM), and the Marketing Leadership Institute (MLI), Kristin Branch, director of the MLI, has decided to take on a new challenge. She will become the lead instructor for the Marketing 300 course at the Wisconsin School of Business (WSB). This is a required course for all undergraduate students at WSB, giving her the opportunity to impact thousands of students.

Kristin notes, “In my many years with the knowledge centers, I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching students. I’m excited to be able to focus on teaching full time, especially in the class that introduces the field of marketing to all business students.”

During a transitionary period, Kristin will continue to serve as the MLI director until August, at which point she will transition into her new role. Along with Alan Stoffer and Giustina Parisi at WSB, Kristin will continue to remain involved in the planning of the MLI Marketing Summit on September 12 and 13.

A search for Kristin’s successor will begin right away, and the school plans to have a new director for the MLI in place before the fall semester. As a successful industry-facing knowledge center at WSB, the MLI continues to grow in its impact by serving MBA, MS in Business Analytics (MSBA), and BBA students at WSB. With a high-profile advisory board of senior executives at Fortune 500 companies, a loyal alumni base, and a beautiful new space, the MLI is off to a great start, and aspirations for its continued growth are high.

Kristin joined WSB in 2007 and led the A.C. Nielsen Center from 2007 to 2022, the CBPM as interim director (2013–2014, 2022), and the MLI from 2022 to 2024, all with exceptional poise. She did an excellent job of managing diverse stakeholders that include the students, alumni, advisory board, employers, and faculty. Kristin is well respected and admired by stakeholders because of the passion she brings to her job and her consummate professionalism, and they are thrilled that she will continue in another role in the marketing department. The students have the highest regard for Kristin because they greatly value her unwavering commitment to their professional growth. The external advisory board includes business professionals in leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies. Kristin treats this board with the highest regard and helps create an environment where “giving back” to the student community is greatly valued.

As a part of her center responsibilities, Kristin developed and taught her signature experiential learning class (Marketing Consulting Practicum) in partnership with the advisory board, alumni, and the industry. This class was very well received by the students and employers and is an excellent template for similar revenue-generating and experiential learning initiatives within WSB.

Another example of Kristin’s leadership was her involvement in helping launch the MS in Business Analytics (MSBA) program in 2019. Navigating internal processes for a new program launch with an aggressive timeline at an academic institution is a monumental task. Kristin played a pivotal role in the creation of this ambitious initiative in the areas of program development, campus approvals, and implementation. This program currently has over 100 students annually.

Finally, Kristin played an essential role in the creation of the Marketing Leadership Institute by helping consolidate the A.C. Nielsen Center and the Center for Brand and Product Management. Under her leadership, the MLI continues to foster its many industry partnerships for its students and the marketing department. With the next director, the MLI looks forward to further enhancing its impact.

With a high level of energy and a deep commitment to the school’s educational mission, Kristin has earned the highest respect from her colleagues within WSB. They wish her the greatest success as she continues her journey at WSB.

Please feel free to reach out to Neeraj Arora or Kristin Branch if you have any questions.

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