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What it Means to be a Lifelong Badger

By Kelsey Ketelsleger

December 15, 2021

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I am what they call a ‘Double Badger.’ I did my undergrad at Wisconsin and loved it so much I thought I’d come back for more and pursue my MBA here! That being said, the idea of being a Badger for life is one that is near and dear to my heart.

Three things stand out to me when I think about being a Badger for life:


In my opinion, Badgers have some of the best school spirit around! Just walk around campus on gameday and you’ll see what I mean. When it is time to cheer for the Badgers, everyone is friends, it doesn’t matter what school you’re in, what year you are, where you are from…at that time you are all Badgers…and that is what is most important. 


Being a Badger means that you are part of a super special community. This is obviously true when you’re in the thick of it as a student at Wisconsin, but after you walk across the stage at graduation and start your life elsewhere, this still holds true. The Wisconsin Alumni Association has chapters all around the world. No matter where you end up you are sure to meet a fellow Badger. For me this has been one of my favorite parts of being a Wisconsin Alum. When I moved to a new city after my first graduation, some of the first people I met were fellow Badgers and are now friends for life. They helped me navigate a new city and a new job, and they welcomed me into their circle. As an MBA student I got to experiencing the power of this community again. At my summer internship I was surrounded by Wisconsin School of Business MBA grads who offered their support and guidance through a stressful time!


Lastly, being a Badger for life means having passion for what you do and continuously working to be the best you can be. I may be biased, but all of the former Badgers I have had the pleasure of working with have been rock stars! Wisconsin is a school that truly embraces the mantra ‘work hard, play hard,’ and it shows. I think passion for what you do is something that is instilled in a Badger because of the great experience we get at school. Especially in the MBA program…the fact that Wisconsin has a specialization model exemplifies the idea of having passion for what you do. I chose Wisconsin for my MBA largely for the opportunity to specialize my MBA in marketing research and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. We get all the great management education along with a deep dive into an area that we are all passionate about. I love that my classmates are excited about marketing research as well and it really helps us build a community.

All in all, Wisconsin is a special place to go to school. In addition to getting a great education, you get to be a Badger for life – and with that comes everlasting school spirit, a community you can count on, and the opportunity to develop a passion for what you do.