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Wonsuk Jung

Wonsuk Jung
PhD Student | Marketing
4185 Grainger Hall


Wonsuk is a doctoral student in Marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business. His research focuses on understanding, predicting, and influencing the behaviors of consumers. Wonsuk holds M.S from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and i.B.B.A from Schulich School of Business, York University.


Selected Published Journal Articles

Jung, W. & Peck, J. & Palmeira, M. & Kim, K. (2022). An Unintended Consequence of Product Upgrades: How Upgrades Can Make Current Customers Feel Left Behind Journal of Marketing Research


Society for Consumer Psychology (2023) Exploring the Effects of Haptic Sensation and Valence on Product Interaction

Association for Consumer Research (2022) A Pitfall of Sequential Product Naming

Mittelstaedt & Gentry Doctoral Symposium (2022) Unintended Consequence of Product Upgrades:How Upgrades Can Make Current Consumers Feel Left Behind

Society for Consumer Psychology (2022) Self-Other Difference in Distance Perception

Association for Consumer Research (2021) “Others Seem to Move Further than I do”: How Judgement of Distance May Change Depending on Who Creates the Distance

Association for Consumer Research (2020) “My Brand is Moving Away from Me”: When Upgrade Products Leave Consumers Behind

Association for Consumer Research (2019) Product Line Extensions Hurts the Brand Owners: Psychological Ownership as a Mediator


Undergraduate Courses

Digital Marketing (MKT 355), Fall 2020.