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Alumni in Action

Alumni Pulse Survey

By Wisconsin School of Business

May 13, 2020

We continually seek ways to keep our finger on the pulse of the needs of our alumni community and to be data-driven in our work. With that in mind, we fielded the Alumni Pulse Survey last fall to track the health of the Wisconsin School of Business and proactively identify opportunities to better serve our alumni community.

You can view the results in our 2019 Alumni Pulse Survey Report. Overall, we are delighted that the vast majority of our alumni continue to feel positive about WSB and indicate an overwhelming sense of pride to be associated with our institution. The breadth and strength of our alumni network also rings true with high levels of engagement and participation.

We also identified areas of opportunity moving forward. Specifically, we heard alumni state the power and value of the alumni network, but cited that they desired more connection with fellow alumni, both through activities and online access to the network. The good news is that some of these resources already exist, indicating we can do a better job sharing tools and resources available to alumni.

One example is Badger Bridge, where alumni can find other Badgers, give and ask for advice, and make connections. Other activities, such as in-person or virtual activities, indicate an area where we can dedicate more time and resources to strengthen our community of Business Badgers. We recently launched virtual networking chats and are working on more opportunities that we hope to launch in the coming months.

We also identified areas where the School can provide the most value to alumni based on their current stage in life. In addition to networking opportunities, lifelong learning also rose to the top. In alignment with Roadmap 2025, WSB’s new strategic plan, we are working with our colleagues to achieve the School’s ultimate objective of creating a global platform for Business Badger lifelong learning. This platform will expand learning beyond traditional undergraduate and graduate programs to better serve our community through the arc of their careers.

We look forward to creating new experiences and new connections for alumni. Our School is a reflection of our alumni and we appreciate all that you do to move us forward and strengthen our community.

Shannon Timm (BS ’08, MBA ’19) is director of alumni relations at the Wisconsin School of Business.

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