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New Year, New Semester: WSB Faculty Share Insights on Teaching

By Wisconsin School of Business

January 20, 2023

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Fall isn’t the only time for back-to-school. The spring semester is about to kick off, and with it, Wisconsin School of Business faculty are readying their courses, preparing Business Badgers for an exceptional educational experience.

Read on to learn what WSB faculty like best about teaching:

MJ Kim, Assistant Professor, Accounting and Information Systems

“My favorite part of teaching is building rapport with the students. I’ve always had great relationships with the students—learning from them, talking with them. It also makes the class more interesting.”

Nicholas Petruzzi, Michael E. Lehman Distinguished Chair in Business, Professor, and Department Chair, Operations and Information Management

“My work is meant to help the future decision-makers of the world hone their judgment. To recognize and appreciate that they are signing on to be the stewards of the world’s resources. To understand that it is imperative for them to use their superpowers for good and not for evil.”

Stav Atir, Assistant Professor, Management and Human Resources

“I think the most exciting part about teaching is its essence, which is to impart knowledge, skills, and ways of thinking. That’s exhilarating. I remember taking classes that blew my mind. I hope I can do the same for a new group of students.”

Qinglai He, Assistant Professor, Operations and Information Management

“My teaching expertise is in business analytics. The most fulfilling experience from [teaching] is [how] my course helps students learn actual skills and land their dream career.”