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Photos: It’s Back to School for Business Badgers

By Wisconsin School of Business | Photography by Paul L. Newby II

September 3, 2020

Although it was anything but a typical start, Wisconsin School of Business students, staff, and faculty kicked off the Fall 2020 semester with the first day of class on September 2. Following University of Wisconsin–Madison Smart Restart guidelines for COVID-19, the School is prioritizing health and safety by using a hybrid model of course delivery.

WSB photographer Paul L. Newby II chronicles the day in pictures.

Students using a hand sanitizing station while entering Grainger Hall
Students and visitors to the Wisconsin School of Business enter Grainger Hall and use a sanitizing station on the first day of class. Masks are mandatory for all students, staff, and faculty per UW–Madison’s Smart Restart policy.
A male student studying in the Capital Café
First-year student Andy Ellis, a marketing and finance major, gets a head start on studying in the Capital Café.
Associate Professor Fabio Gaertner teaching a class
Fabio B. Gaertner, associate professor of accounting and information systems, teaches a finance class to Wisconsin MBA students in one of WSB’s collaborative learning classrooms.
Students maintaining social distance during a class
Students sit a minimum of six feet from one another for in-person classes.
A female student studying in the Learning Commons
Winnie Xie, a junior majoring in finance and accounting, studies in the Learning Commons at Grainger Hall.
Tim Buhl teaching a class in the Morgridge Auditorium
Lecturer Tim Buhl teaches a marketing course in the Morgridge Auditorium.
A male student worker cleaning a lecture hall between classes
WSB student worker Ola Coker, a senior studying industrial engineering, cleans a lecture hall between classes.
A female student wearing a University of Wisconsin face mask
A Wisconsin MBA student shows her Badger pride by wearing a Wisconsin mask.
Students wearing masks sit six feet apart for a class at Grainger Hall
Students maintain a distance of six feet as they take a class in the repurposed undergraduate lounge.
Associate Professor Stacie Laplante
Stacie Laplante, associate professor of accounting and information systems, wears PPE as she teaches a corporate tax class.
A female student talking with Associate Professor Fabio Gaertner
Wisconsin MBA student Renita Clayton talks with Gaertner after class.
A female student listening to her instructor
A student listens to her instructor review the syllabus on the first day of class.
A man and woman looking over a list
Coker looks over custodian Tashi Bhuti’s cleaning list on the first day of class at Grainger Hall.
A female student working on a report
Addie Siepmann, a junior real estate major, works on an appraisal report from her summer internship in the Learning Commons.
 a male student asking a question during class
A Wisconsin MBA student asks a question while classmates listen in from physically distanced seating.