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Photos: WSB Readies Grainger Hall for a Smart Restart

By Wisconsin School of Business | Photography by Paul L. Newby II

August 31, 2020

Wisconsin School of Business staff and student employees have been readying Grainger Hall for the Fall 2020 semester following the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s ‘Smart Restart’ guidelines. Protecting the health and safety of Business Badgers and the broader campus community is our top priority.

WSB photographer Paul L. Newby II documents the steps we’ve taken to prepare for the return of students, faculty, and staff.

A student worker placing stickers on chairs in Grainger Hall
Student worker Tea Jackson-Strong, a senior majoring in geological engineering, places stickers on chairs in Grainger Hall’s Morgridge Auditorium to mark where students can sit at a safe distance from one another.
a hand sanitizing station in Grainger Hall
A hand sanitizing station stands at the Brooks Street entrance to Grainger Hall.
John Welting removes extra laptops from desks
John Weltin, ITS operations manager, removes extra laptops in one of the WSB’s Collaborative Learning Classrooms. Only two laptops will be used per table to allow for greater physical distancing.
Taping being added to the floor to mark distances for chairs
Tape is added to mark physically distanced seating in the School’s undergraduate lounge.
Student workers are arrange furniture in an atrium and cafe area
WSB student workers remove and arrange furniture in the School’s atrium and cafe area in preparation for the first day of fall semester.
Cleaning supplies and PPE being stocked
WSB’s facilities team stocks cleaning supplies and PPE in classrooms and public spaces as part of the ‘Smart Restart’ guidelines.
Tim Bent, Jr. and his team moving chairs
Tim Bent, Jr., director of facilities and event services, and his crew prepare Grainger Hall for a safe reopening.
Chairs that are six feet apart in an auditorium
Chairs are placed six feet or more apart per physical distancing guidelines in one of the School’s classrooms.
A sign in a lecture room that indicates maximum number of people allowed inside
A sign in one of Grainger Hall’s lecture rooms indicates the maximum number of people allowed inside this fall per COVID-19 restrictions.
Josh Crom measuring a row of seats
Facilities Manager Josh Crom measures a row of seating to make sure it is at least six feet apart from other chairs in a Grainger Hall classroom.
A female student worker moving a table
Student worker Taylor Vehlow moves furniture in the Learning Commons to ensure that seating arrangements are physically distanced.
Two men moving a sofa in a common area of Grainger Hall
Student worker David Tschida helps Facilities Manager Josh Crom remove a sofa from a common area of Grainger Hall.