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Executive MBA Student Spotlights

Advance Performance With Leadership Skills

Alicia Kiser

Alicia Kiser

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
Graduation Year: 2019
Current Job: Director of Human Resources, M3

Getting my Wisconsin Executive MBA was essential to my career development. I was an established leader, but I needed extra business knowledge to add more value to my organization. UW–Madison’s program is designed to give top executives the confidence and knowledge they need to reach greater heights.

My favorite class has been Economics for Managers. I struggled with econ during undergrad and had no interest in or context for the subject. Don Hausch is a phenomenal professor—and person—and made the topic very relevant to my role, company, and industry.

I lead my organization’s Human Resources function. Earning my MBA means I can use the new knowledge I’ve gained to transform the way my company operates. I coach, lead, and mentor teams, and set the strategic direction for the department. I also act as an advisor to our leadership team on all things people—development, performance, and compliance. My MBA is giving me invaluable skills to lead across a wide array of responsibilities.

I have a list of projects and initiatives I want to implement at my company based on the learnings from this program. There are skills that I learn every week that I can use to advance my personal development or the performance of my organization.

The experiences of my peers are so diverse. They’ve opened my eyes to new perspectives because of their wide-ranging industries, roles, and cultural backgrounds. They are always teaching me new things and reshaping the way I view my role in HR. I see the network I am building in the program as a diverse group of advisors, potential talent I may be able to recruit, and some great friends.

Balancing the time and energy required for this program can be challenging, but I love it. With a high-pressure job, constant travel, and a busy family, it is tough to balance it all. But the faculty, staff, and students in the program are incredibly supportive.

My advice for professionals looking at the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program? Do it. You won’t regret it.