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Executive MBA Student Spotlights

Apply Critical Lessons in Leadership

Pamela Petz

Pamela Petz

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
Graduation Year: 2018
Current Job: Director, Customer Contact Center for Great Wolf Resorts

Pamela enrolled in the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program to accelerate her already esteemed career.
She has extensive leadership experience, manages more than 200 employees at Great Wolf Resorts, and saw earning her MBA at Wisconsin as a way to take her career to even greater heights. She’s now enhancing her knowledge by studying with world-renowned faculty and is developing a strong business acumen to apply to diverse organizational challenges.

I would recommend the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program to anyone that is committed to deepening their business skills. It is hard to put into words the shift in confidence, understanding, and rediscovered passion for learning and leadership that the program has opened for me. It is very rewarding.

The camaraderie in the program has been amazing. Everyone is here to learn and work hard, but we also have a lot of fun. The relationships that we are building will last far beyond the two-year program. Having the support of your classmates helps facilitate learning, and the network we’re creating helps you as you navigate your career.

The experience of my classmates is very impressive. There are doctors, CEOs, global product managers, and manufacturing managers all in the same room. With everyone bringing their experiences and expertise to the classroom discussion, you get an insider’s perspective on how other top leaders approach their businesses.

Thanks to the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program, I’m considering new approaches in leadership and organization. Moving forward, I know my new knowledge will allow me to be more deliberate in decisions and strategy. My MBA will impact me, the people I manage, and my company as a whole.

Our recent 360 evaluation provided me with feedback on how I can immediately make changes to my management style and improve my team at work. The program’s career services staff is also available to continue the coaching based on this evaluation. I was hungry for this type of uncensored feedback and can already tell it’s improved my team dynamic.

The support the program offers you is unmatched. The Wisconsin program staff takes care of so many little things from parking to accommodations to food to books and more. We truly just focus on being immersed in learning.

Because of the MBA curriculum I’m able to better understand different business perspectives. I’ve gained more confidence when interacting with other executives within my company. I also have a more thorough understanding of each department’s role in the overall strategy of doing business. This greater understanding will be instrumental in my continued professional growth.