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Full-Time MBA Student Spotlights

Bridge Cultural Gap to Expand Career Options

Ena Vijay

Ena Vijay

University of Wisconsin‑Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2017
Specialization: Corporate Finance and Investment Banking
Hometown: New Delhi, India
Internship: Fixed Income Research Intern Investment Grade, Northwestern Mutual
Before Wisconsin School of Business: Credit Analyst

Ena pursued an MBA to expand her career technically and geographically. She chose Wisconsin because of its specialization model, which is giving her deep training in finance on top of a general management foundation. As an international student, she sees her Wisconsin MBA as the key to bridging cultural gaps, providing a broad international perspective, and building a strong professional network.

The Wisconsin School of Business stood out for me because of its specialization model, which allows me to take focused courses in my area of interest. The curriculum has the right balance between theory and practical application. I am getting a solid foundation for advancing my career and the expertise and soft skills I need to succeed in finance. Wisconsin also provides a strong general management foundation, which allows me to offer employers a lot of versatility.

I am getting valuable firsthand finance experience through applied learning. I worked on an extensive case study in health care that allowed me to learn about financial applications within that industry. This and other rich applied learning experiences have been the highlight of my Wisconsin experience. Even before I start my full time job, I have experience working in comparable environments with similar challenges and situations, so I feel very prepared. And together, these experiences have given me tangible discussion points in job interviews.

Small class size creates a close-knit environment. Coming from schools in India, it was quite a refreshing change to have small classes—the total cohort includes just 100 students. The one-on-one attention from faculty contributes to an exceptional learning environment and to collaboration between students.

The alumni support I have received is outstanding. A variety of interactions with Wisconsin alumni and advisory board members top my list of the many things I value about the Wisconsin MBA. The entire board and alumni have been welcoming and available to meet at any time, offering extended support and robust career advice.

My Wisconsin MBA will help me bridge the cultural gap and get the international perspective and networking opportunities to advance my career in the U.S.

Ena Vijay