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Executive MBA Student Spotlights

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Leah Lorenze

Leah Lorenze

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
Graduation Year: 2018
Current Job: Director, Finance Shared Services, Altra Industrial Motion

The Wisconsin Executive MBA Program is structured for working executives. With classes every other Friday-Saturday, I had time to plan around my hectic work travel schedule and balance my family commitments.

The program office is there to help you be successful. Knowing they were there and had my back helped me focus on what was important. When I was running to class at the last minute, and trying to print, sign, and scan documents to send back to my office, they were there to help me out! They also did a great job of helping us balance our many commitments—offering complimentary meals and snacks and providing tablets loaded with our course materials.

I really looked at the Wisconsin Executive MBA as an extension of my work. A lot of the things I learned in the program, I took back to my company right away. I learned the most about leadership and organizational behavior, and I adapted my style to become a more conscious, effective manager.

I learned from world-renowned faculty who made challenging classes engaging and enjoyable. Don Hausch’s Economics for Managers course is a prime example. His passion is contagious and really makes you invested in the subject matter.

I learned the most about leadership and organizational behavior, and I adapted my style to become a more conscious, effective manager.

Leah Lorenze (MBA ’18)

I had a lot more fun in the program than I expected! While the classes are challenging and hard work, the students were all in it together. Having a group of people in the same boat, supporting and learning from each other, makes it easier.

I really got to know my classmates, which helped me academically and professionally. During group work, we leveraged our individual strengths and developed better projects because of our diversity of ideas. Our life experiences and perspectives contributed to the variety of business solutions we devised. No matter what industry we came from, we all had something to learn from each other.

The five-year career plan we strategized in our organizational behavior class really made me consider my future possibilities. As an executive, it was an extremely helpful exercise in identifying potential opportunities for professional and organizational growth.

Don’t wait to earn your Wisconsin MBA. The quality of the program is unmatched. Having an MBA from the University of Wisconsin–Madison carries weight that other programs don’t. It’s done so much for my career, and I look forward to benefiting from my education for years to come.