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Alumni Spotlights

Laura Beussman

Laura Beussman

MBA '11

Senior Director of Product Marketing, CallRail
Austin, Texas

Industry: , ,

Region: Southwest

Laura uses her business foundation to drive marketing strategy.

Laura Beussman’s (MBA ’11) passion for the arts brought her to the Wisconsin School of Business where she earned her degree from the Bolz Center for Arts Administration.

Born and raised in Bryan, Texas, Laura was in dance at age 4, piano at age 7, and was always singing. Her interest in the arts continued to wield influence well into the start of her career. After completing her undergraduate degree at Texas A&M, Laura worked in nonprofit arts, primarily in accounting and finance. She soon realized, however, that what she really wanted to do was drive strategy in an organization, and came to Wisconsin to get her MBA.

Since graduating, Laura has held pricing and marketing roles at Dell, Blackbaud, and Social Solutions in Austin, Texas. She now leads product marketing for CallRail, a software that gives businesses visibility into their marketing efforts.

“What’s great about education and my MBA is that it’s a foundation that can’t go away,” she says. “Companies grow and shrink. Industries change and decline. There are going to be changes in how things move forward in the business world, but having that foundation is mine forever.”

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