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Alumni Spotlights

Arek Schmocker

Arek Schmocker

MBA '19

Co-Founder, CFO, and COO, Chocolate Rescue for Dogs


Region: Midwest

Arek Schmocker uses his business expertise to protect your pets

Starting his own business was something that Arek Schmocker (MBA ’19) always expected he’d do. What he didn’t expect, however, was that the opportunity would come after his colleague’s dog ate an entire bag of dark chocolate.

That nerve-wracking experience inspired the creation of Chocolate Rescue for Dogs, which Arek and business partner Amadeus Benitez (BS ’17) launched in 2022. The product is an at-home remedy that can be administered if a dog ingests chocolate, which buys owners valuable time to determine their next steps.

As CFO and COO, Arek handles many different aspects of the business, from managing finances to working to expand the product’s retail reach. With a background in finance, accounting, and product development, he’s well equipped to handle the challenges of growing a business—and stresses to aspiring entrepreneurs the importance of perseverance.

“Be prepared to sell to everybody and everything,” Arek says. “Sometimes you have to be very persistent, so be prepared to follow up and be incredibly organized.”

So far, that perseverance has paid off. Among other accomplishments in 2023, Arek negotiated a supply agreement to get the product in about 65 stores. Chocolate Rescue for Dogs was also recognized with the Bright New Idea award at the 2023 Governor’s Business Plan Contest.

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