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Full-Time MBA Student Spotlights

Leverage Military Experience in Business

Dan Szatkowski

Dan Szatkowski

University of Wisconsin–Madison
Wisconsin School of Business
Specialization: Operations and Technology Management (OTM)
Hometown: Edmond, Oklahoma
Internship: Operations Analyst, Global Technology and Operations Development Program, Bank of America
Graduation Year: 2019
Program: Wisconsin Full-Time MBA

The MBA curriculum here at Wisconsin has helped me analyze and interpret data into real, actionable solutions. I have also refined softs skills, including communication, self-awareness, and teamwork. I felt exceptionally well prepared going into my internship and will carry the wealth of skills as I move forward in my career.

Support from board members and alumni has been industry-specific and invaluable. In mock interviews, board members provide instant feedback, emphasizing a proven formula that highlights critical thinking skills and ability to learn—the STAR-L approach, which refers to Situation, Task, Action, Result—Lessons Learned. Overall, the board members for the operations and technology specialization have provided exceptional guidance focused on the career I want. I now have a lifetime network of professionals in my field.

As a co-president of the MBA veterans club, I share with other veterans how the specialized Wisconsin MBA helps leverage military experience in civilian roles. Through the program office, I connect with many veterans who are interested in the program and link them to resources to guide their MBA journey. It is a rewarding role. One active-duty officer I spoke with who showed great interest in coming to Wisconsin to be part of the OTM specialization applied and is currently part of the MBA class of 2020.

Support from board members and alumni has been industry-specific and invaluable. I now have a lifetime network of professionals in my field.

—Dan Szatkowski

Applied learning experiences with top industries and through case competitions have been great. An alumnus from Intuit taught us about user design interfaces and how critical it is to elicit customer feedback. Our marketing class also underscored how essential it is to get feedback from customers and from staff across all functional areas of a company. I had absolutely no marketing knowledge when I started. Now I have a core understanding of how marketing impacts operations that will serve me well in my career.

I zeroed in on Wisconsin as soon as I met staff and students connected to the program. Everyone was welcoming and believed in my ability to achieve my career aspirations. And one of the greatest strengths of the MBA program at UW–Madison is its diversity. Each of my classmates brings a unique and enriching perspective on virtually every topic. Through discussions and interaction with my classmates, I have learned about their unique backgrounds in a wide range of industries and organizations, which has provided perspectives on business challenges that differ from my military experience. The exceptional collaboration with peers has added great depth to my MBA experience.