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The Marketing MBAs of 2023

By Marketing Leadership Institute

May 15, 2023

All headshots of the class of 2023

August 2021. Vaccination campaigns were well underway across the country. Over 68,600 UW-Madison students and employees had received at least one dose. As summer neared its end, people sought to make the most of the remaining warm weather and the relaxing restrictions, enjoying outdoor activities, barbecues, and family gatherings. Though there was still a lot of uncertainty, optimism was in the air.

Twenty-one people were eagerly anticipating the start of their marketing MBA journey. They came to the Wisconsin School of Business from all over: Illinois, Washington, South Carolina, Colorado, Texas, New Jersey; as far away as India and Colombia, as nearby as down the street. Their backgrounds and experiences varied but they shared a common goal.

On May 13, 2023 the goal was reached. These twenty-one students officially became MBAs. With renewed goals and great accomplishments on the horizon they set off this summer to take on roles in Brand Management, Consumer Insights, Product Marketing, and Marketing Analytics at Intuit, Microsoft, Georgia-Pacific, Pepsico, SC Johnson, Conagra, General Mills, P&G, West Point, Discover, Boston Scientific, and Abbvie.

There will always be uncertainty when we look towards the future. However, the remarkable class of 2023 has demonstrated that uncertainty need not be synonymous with doubt. Throughout their transformative two-year journey towards graduation, they have carried the air of optimism. And we hope they will keep that with them with all they encounter.

Please join us in congratulating our most recent marketing MBA graduates, the class of 2023:

All headshots of the class of 2023
  • Radhika Bommakanti
  • Samantha Cerone
  • Victoria De Bella
  • Juan Pablo García-López
  • Lisa Hamant
  • Jon Henricks
  • Alex Isaacson
  • Krista Lauring
  • Joe Morris
  • Alexi Potter
  • Elsie Raymer
  • Alec Rockwood
  • Nathan Santhanam
  • Sarah Scheffler
  • Jenna Seter
  • Dominique Smith
  • Brandon Staffeil
  • Carly Theder
  • Heather VanderWielen
  • Pranith Vemula
  • Kun Yin

Congratulations all!