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Nicholas Center Award Recipients

By Lisa White

May 24, 2021

Before joining the Nicholas Center, Fred Wang helped found a medical device startup providing innovative devices for blind individuals based on sensory substitution technology originally developed by Dr. Paul Bach‐y‐Rita at UW. Fred has been “all‐in” at the Nicholas Center even before he officially joined. He attended numerous events, including our last trip to NYC in 2019, before officially enrolling as an MBA student. Since joining us, Fred has been a clear leader inside and outside of the classroom. He is a risk taker that often pushes forward even when the outcome is uncertain. He is a strategic thinker, someone that seeks direct feedback as much as possible and he takes criticism with poise. Well‐liked by everyone at the Nicholas Center, Fred has worked tirelessly this year to build our community. We are proud to offer Fred this award. Fred will be starting his career in the M&A group of Brunswick Corporation

Anna is a member of an impressive class in our analyst development program, where we select a small number of BBA students to join our Nicholas Center community during their senior year. Anna has demonstrated academic excellence by exceling in every class in our program and making major contributions to our Morgan Stanley consulting project and a research project focused on quantitatively analyzing the success of M&A deals. For her analyst development project, Anna analyzed the implications of reverse yankee bond issuances at a large investment grade company. Anna defended her analysis in a well‐attended virtual session where she showed poise under fire when Antonio asked a number of insightful and challenging questions! On a personal level, Anna has an extraordinary positive energy and seizes any opportunity to get her to where she wants to go. Throughout the year, Anna interned at a private equity firm, gaining valuable buyside experience before she graduated. We are proud to offer Anna this award. Anna will be joining Rothschild as an investment banking analyst this summer.