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Pivot with Purpose

By Kevin Taheri

October 26, 2021

Coming from the world of politics, I had apprehensions about pursuing an MBA. My undergraduate degree was in political science, my work experience was in politics, and I had spent no time in the private sector. The business world was foreign to me and an MBA seemed like an unrealistic goal to pursue. When I learned more about the structure of the MBA program at the Wisconsin School of Business, I knew that there was a place for me in Madison.

portrait of Kevin Taheri
Kevin Taheri

The Wisconsin School of Business attracts driven, talented, thoughtful people from all walks of life who wish to advance their careers and further their personal development. When I learned about the specialization structure and the different specialties the school provides, I was immediately drawn to the Risk Management and Insurance specialty. I felt that this program would complement my background in financial services policy, help me build my analytical toolkit, and provide me with a world-class education from the nation’s top Risk Management and Insurance program. Many other MBA programs do not offer opportunities to gain a specialized education in addition to a core MBA curriculum, giving Wisconsin students a competitive edge in the business world. The faculty is comprised of proven executives from top national firms and successful professionals across a variety of industries who bring their knowledge and wealth of experience to the classroom, in addition to top-notch scholars and researchers. As students, we are learning how to analyze real-world problems and develop comprehensive solutions from those who have done it best.

Beyond the course material, the Risk Management and Insurance program gives students unparalleled access to an esteemed alumni board for guidance, mentorship, and hands-on learning. The board is comprised of successful Risk Management and Insurance alumni at different firms who have used their Wisconsin MBA to the fields of insurance, risk management, consulting, and venture capital to name a few. These alumni engage with program students as mentors, come to campus to debate pressing topics in the field of insurance and risk management, and provide an experiential learning environment that brings the classroom to life.

Deciding to pursue my MBA with a specialty in Risk Management and Insurance at the Wisconsin School of Business has been the best decision I have made for my educational, personal, and professional development. I know that my two years here will prepare me for achieving my goals beyond what I thought was possible, and I am proud to be a Badger for life.