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Strategic Risk Management in the Flesh (Or at Least via Zoom)

By David Leemon

November 15, 2022

David Leemon, Xander Kessler, Siddarth Upadhya working in the risk conference area
David Leemon

Recently, I was delighted to participate in an engaging and informative discussion with experienced Risk Management professional Brent Pickens. From the start, it was particularly interesting to hear that Brent had come into the industry from a military/non-business background like I did, which further established a personal and professional connection. Brent had great communication skills and made everything he talked about easy to understand, which skillfully conveyed his experience and expertise in the risk management industry. In talking about his past work experiences at Mars and Bemis Company, it was fascinating to hear how often his work took him on encounters with many different countries and cultures. It was quite enjoyable to hear his tips and insights for global business travel.

We also talked about other topics, such as the methodology for working with an organization’s business data and risk intel teams to update a company’s risk profile. Brent also provided us with a brief overview of certifications such as the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) qualifications and the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) certification. One item that stood out to me was how the risk management tools and techniques Brent discussed have also been covered in detail throughout my first semester’s Risk Management classes.

It was a tremendous experience to hear about Brent’s real-world application of subjects we studied in class and know that they came from an experienced and successful risk professional. Our session with Brent was light and fun but also very informative, and we are thankful for his time.