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The RMI Specialization: Math-Heavy or Not?

By Linda Barrett

October 2, 2023

mathematical formulas on a blue background

Students of the Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) MBA seem to fall into two groups: those who are hungry to expand their quantitative capabilities, and those who prefer to strengthen their knowledge of business strategy. Both of these areas can easily be accommodated through elective courses.

While all students take some math during the required MBA business foundation courses, RMI students meet with the specialization director to choose electives specific to their interest areas. More often than not, a student’s path veers toward business strategy.

Some elective courses that are focused on strategy include:

  • Strategic Management of Innovation
  • Bargaining, Negotiating & Dispute Settlement for Managers
  • Creative Destruction Lab (I and II)
  • Captive Management

Students may enroll in quantitative electives such as these:

  • Health Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Financial Modeling and Valuation
  • Experiments & Casual Methods for Business Analytics

The risk and insurance industry is diverse. There are plenty of courses—and jobs—in which either strategically- or quantitatively-minded professionals will excel. The hardest part might be deciding which route to take.