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Cody Baldwin

Cody Baldwin
Director of Masters Business Analytics | MBA & Master’s Programs
4425 Grainger Hall



INFORMS 2021 Annual Meeting (2021) Training Analytics Students to Work in Cloud Computing Environments

DSI 2020 Annual Conference (2020) Helping Business Students to Build their Analytics Portfolios to Improve their Marketability

DSI 2019 Annual Conference (2019) Using Automation to Grade Student Assignments Submitted in Microsoft Excel

DSI 2019 Asia-Pacific Conference (2019) Using Analytics to Forecast the Inflow of ER Patients and Support the Scheduling of Doctors

DSI 2018 Asia-Pacific Conference (2018) Teaching Project Management Skills with 3D Printers and Raspberry Pi’s

INFORMS 2018 Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research (2018) Bringing Competition to the Analytics Classroom: A Practical Guide to Get Started