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Ivan Shaliastovich

Ivan Shaliastovich
Associate Professor | Finance
Thomas D. and Barbara C. Stevens Distinguished Chair in Finance
5274C Grainger Hall


Ivan Shaliastovich is Thomas D. and Barbara C. Stevens Distinguished Chair in Finance and an Associate Professor in the Department of Finance at the Wisconsin School of Business. Ivan’s areas of expertise are in asset pricing and financial econometrics. His research falls into three main areas: volatility risks, the term structure of interest rates, and investor learning in securities markets. His work in these three areas is tied together by a focus on macroeconomic uncertainty, and its impact on the economy and financial markets. His work is published in the Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Econometrics, Management Science, among others.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ivan teaches undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students in Finance. He serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance, and Quantitative Economics.

Ivan received his Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics from Duke University, and his B.A. in Economics and Mathematics from the American University in Bulgaria. He was at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, before joining Wisconsin School of Business.


Selected Published Journal Articles

Davydiuk, T. & Richard, S. & Shaliastovich, I. & Yaron, A. (2023). How Risky are U.S. Corporate Assets? Journal of Finance

Gao, L. & Hitzemann, S. & Shaliastovich, I. & Xu, L. (2022). Oil Volatility Risk Journal of Financial Economics

Colacito, R. & Croce, M. & Liu, Y. & Shaliastovich, I. (2022). Volatility Risk Pass-Through Review of Financial Studies

Liu, Y. & Shaliastovich, I. (2022). Government Policy Approval and Exchange Rates Journal of Financial Economics

Huang, D. & Schlag, C. & Shaliastovich, I. & Thimme, J. (2019). Volatility of Volatility Risk Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Kilic, M. & Shaliastovich, I. (2019). Good and Bad Variance Premia and Expected Returns Management Science

Eraker, B. & Shaliastovich, I. & Wang, W. (2016). Durable Goods, Inflation Risk, and Equilibrium Asset Prices Review of Financial Studies

Segal, G. & Shaliastovich, I. & Yaron, A. (2015). Good and Bad Uncertainty: Macroeconomic and Financial Market Implications Journal of Financial Economics

Shaliastovich, I. (2015). Learning, Confidence, and Option Prices Journal of Econometrics

Bansal, R. & Kiku, D. & Shaliastovich, I. & Yaron, A. (2014). Volatility, the Macroeconomy, and Asset Prices Journal of Finance

Bansal, R. & Shaliastovich, I. (2013). A Long-Run Risks Explanation of Predictability Puzzles in Bond and Currency Markets Review of Financial Studies

Shaliastovich, I. & Tauchen, G. (2011). Pricing of Time-Change Risks Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Bansal, R. & Shaliastovich, I. (2011). Learning and Asset Prices Jumps Review of Financial Studies

Bansal, R. & Shaliastovich, I. (2010). Confidence Risks and Asset Prices American Economic Review

Eraker, B. & Shaliastovich, I. (2008). An Equilibrium Guide to Designing Affine Pricing Models Mathematical Finance

Working Papers

Shaliastovich, I. & Segal, G. (2021). Uncertainty, Risk, and Capital Growth

Branger, N. & Schlag, C. & Shaliastovich, I. & Song, D. (2015). Macroeconomic Bond Risks at the Zero Lower Bound

Shaliastovich, I. & Yamarthy, R. (2015). Monetary Policy Risks in the Bond Markets and Macroeconomy

Huang, D. & Shaliastovich, I. (2015). Risk Adjustment and Temporal Resolution of Uncertainty: Evidence from Option Markets

Bansal, R. & Shaliastovich, I. (2009). Confidence Risks and Asset Prices

Liu, Y. & Shaliastovich, I. Government Policy Announcement Return

Colacito, R. & Croce, M. & Liu, Y. & Shaliastovich, I. Volatility (Dis)Connect in International Markets


Editorial and Reviewing Activities

Journal of Empirical Finance – Since August 2022
Associate Editor

Quantitative Economics – Since July 2017
Associate Editor

Journal of Banking and Finance – Since March 2017
Associate Editor

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