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Minah Park

Minah Park
PhD Student | Management and Human Resources
Management and Human Resources
5266 Grainger Hall

About Minah

Minah Park is a Ph.D. student at the Wisconsin School of Business. She holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering and finished her doctoral study in operations management at Yonsei University. Her current research interest is gender gap in entrepreneurship.

Selected Published Journal Articles

Rhee, M. & Yang, D. & Bae, S. & Park, M. (2021). Buffering Against the Damaging Effect of Product Recall Yonsei Business Review

Bae, S. & Park, M. (2019). Manifestation of language transfer problem during the new product development process Yonsei Business Review

Bae, S. & Park, M. & Rhee, M. (2018). How do online product-related electronic network of interest grow?: The role of content, communication activity, and structure Yonsei Business Review

Oh, J. & Park, M. & Kim, J. & Jang, J. (2014). Enhanced cellular transfection by ternary non-viral gene vectors coupled with Adeno-associated virus-derived peptides Macromolecular Bioscience

Park, M. & Shin, M. & Kim, E. & Lee, S. & Park, K. & Lee, H. & Jang, J. (2014). The promotion of human neural stem cells adhesion using bioinspired poly (norepinephrine) nanoscale coating Journal of Nanomaterials


Academy of Management Annual Meeting (2023) The Impact of Gender on Entrepreneurial Idea Generation and Selection

Academy of Management Annual Meeting (2023) The Effect of Role Models on Increasing Female Participation in STEM Entrepreneurship

Academy of Management Annual Meeting (2023) Who benefits from feedback in entrepreneurial pipeline programs? Gender differences in response to negative feedback

MHR Research Lunch Seminar (2022) Knowledge Acquisition and Entrepreneurship: Integrating Ideas and Intention

MHR Research Lunch Seminar (2020) Knowledge Acquisition of Entrepreneurship: An Integrative Framework of Idea and Intention

Hawaiian International Conference on System Sciences (2018) Complementor-side ecology and its implications on platform strategy

R&D Management Conference (2018) Multi-homing decisions of complementor’s target platform: Organizational ecology perspective

Annual Meeting of Decision Sciences Institute (2016) Cause of delay in new product development