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Marketing Leaders live (MLlive): Chelsea Johnson of PepsiCo

Thursday September 21, 2023 | 3:30pm 4:30pm

Welcome to Marketing Leaders Live (MLlive)! 🎙️

Are you eager to dive into the exciting realm of marketing? Ready to hear from the pros who’ve been there, done that? Look no further than MLlive. MLlive is a unique opportunity for students to connect with industry professionals and gain invaluable knowledge about the dynamic world of marketing.

Join us for an inspiring and informative event where marketing leaders share their insights and experiences.

This Week’s Speaker

We are excited to have Chelsea Johnson of PepsiCo join us on September 21, 2023.

More about MLlive:

The Marketing Leaders live series brings you face-to-face with real Marketing Leaders who’ve made their mark in the industry. No stages or formalities here – just a relaxed setting where you can dialogue with these marketing rockstars.

Our esteemed speakers, hailing from diverse backgrounds and sectors, will discuss their journeys, challenges they’ve faced, tips and tricks, and how they’ve achieved remarkable success in their careers. Want to know how they cracked a viral campaign or how they stay ahead of the curve? MLlive is your chance to find out!

Whether you’re a marketing enthusiast or just starting to explore the field, don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights from the best in the business. As well as build meaningful connections with these marketing leaders.

Join us at MLlive and unlock the doors to a world of possibilities in marketing!

3350 Grainger Hall
Madison, Wisconsin 53706