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Featured Publications

Meuris, J.
Can racial diversity attenuate racial discrimination in service interactions? Evidence from cite-and-release decisions within police departments.
Organization Science

Kim, J., Gerhart, B., & Fang, M.
Do Financial Incentives Help or Harm Performance in Interesting Tasks?.
Journal of Applied Psychology
(107), 153-167.

Honore, F.
Joining Forces: How Can Founding Members’ Prior Experience Variety and Shared Experience Increase Startup Survival?.
Academy of Management Journal
(65), 248-272.

Gerhart, B., & Feng, J.
The Resource-Based View of the Firm, Human Resources, and Human Capital: Progress and Prospects.
Journal of Management
(47), 1796-1819.

Cao, Z., & Posen, H.
When Does the Pre-Entry Experience of New Entrants Improve Their Performance? A Meta-Analytical Investigation of Critical Moderators.
Organization Science