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Featured Publications

Meuris, J., & Merluzzi, J.
A hidden barrier to diversification? Performance recognition penalties for incumbent workers in male-dominated occupations.
American Sociological Review

Stajkovic, A., & Stajkovic, K.
A summer of protests: Event system theory to test an intersectional leadership advantage.
Journal of Management

Ma, A., Ponce de Leon, R., & Rosette, A.
Asking for Less (but Receiving More): Women Avoid Impasses and Outperform Men When Negotiators Have Weak Alternatives.
Journal of Applied Psychology

Fulmer, I., Gerhart, B., & Kim, J.
Compensation and Performance: A Review and Recommendations for the Future. Personnel Psychology.
Personnel Psychology

Chakraborty, S., Ma, A., & Swinney, R.
Designing rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns for strategic (but distracted) contributors.
Naval Research Logistics

Bapna, S., & Ganco, M.
Equity Crowdfunding and Access to Capital for User Entrepreneurs: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment.
MIS Quarterly
(47), 586-610.

Stajkovic, K., & Stajkovic, A.
Ethics of Care Leadership, Racial Inclusion, and Economic Health in the Cities: Is There a Female Leadership Advantage?.
Journal of Business Ethics
(189), 699-721.

Akinsanmi, O., & Coff, R.
Firm-Specific Human Capital: Mobility Constraint or Enhancer?.
Academy of Management Journal

Agarwal, S., Miller, C., & Ganco, M.
Growing Platforms within Platforms: How Platforms Manage the Adoption of Complementor Products in the Presence of Network Effects?.
Strategic Management Journal
(44), 1879-1910.

Weber, L., & Coff, R.
Managers’ Perceptions and Microfoundations of Contract Design.
Academy of Management Review

Bredehorst, J., Krautter, K., Meuris, J., & Jachimowicz, J.
The Challenge of Maintaining Passion for Work over Time: A Daily Perspective on Passion and Emotional Exhaustion.
Organization Science
(35), 364–386.