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10 Questions to Ask When Interacting with MBA Alumni

By MBA Program Office

September 11, 2020

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While interacting with the admissions team is an important part of the MBA research process, conversations with alumni are important when making more final determinations on programs. They can speak to the decision-making process they went through as an MBA applicant, explain the student experience while in their respective programs, and can give insight into how their MBA has accelerated their career. Through their eyes you can get a better sense of how an MBA has been impactful, and glean additional information about the culture of the program.

It’s important to plan ahead and think about the information you are hoping to collect. We recommend trying to get information that is intangible, and something you cannot find on a website. You will likely want to get their insight on the whole MBA process—from submitting their application to their time in the program and beyond.

Best questions to ask Wisconsin MBA Alumni:

  1. Why did you choose to go back to school?
  2. What made you choose Wisconsin and why?
  3. What is the Wisconsin MBA culture like?
  4. How accessible are the faculty? Can you give an example?
  5. How have the skills you learned both inside and outside of the classroom translated to your current role?
  6. What was the most beneficial thing you learned and/or experience you had while in business school? How do you use this in your current role?
  7. How did the career management center work with you to achieve your professional goals? What were some of the skills that you saw the most improvement with?
  8. How have you utilized the alumni network both as a student and/or as an alumnus?
  9. How has an MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business set you apart from your colleagues and peers?
  10. What was your favorite memory from your time in business school?

The Wisconsin MBA alumni network is strong and familial. As we say on campus, “Once a Badger, always a Badger.”

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