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Eckhardt’s Entrepreneurship Class Featured in Wisconsin State Journal

By Wisconsin School of Business

January 7, 2015

Jon Eckhardt
Jon Eckhardt, academic director of the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Jon Eckhardt, academic director of the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship, taught a class last semester that was profiled in detail in the Wisconsin State Journal.

The class, an exploration of entrepreneurship for non-business majors, gave students the opportunity to test their salesmanship though designing and selling T-shirts in teams. Eckhardt wanted the class of 174 to get hands-on experience through what he called a “gateway business.”

“It was a great opportunity [for them] to learn about negotiating,” Eckhardt said.

Each team got to choose its target market and pitch its ideas to clients they selected. Some succeeded by targeting campus groups, such as fraternities and the Hoofers Ski and Snowboard Club.

Of the class’s 59 teams, 41 of them made a profit. In total, the class’s revenues exceeded $30,000 and profits were over $4,000.

“I definitely think it was an eye-opening experience,” said Shelby Koen, a freshman student in the class.

To read the article, visit the Wisconsin State Journal website.