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New Digital Badge Program Helps Students Build Skills, Earn Credentials

Business Badger Badges give undergraduate students a way to differentiate themselves in the job market

By Wisconsin School of Business

April 14, 2020

Shield Logo for Business Badger Badges

Leadership development is a key tenet of a Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) education. Throughout students’ time at WSB, they work to develop communication, team-building, and collaboration skills that transfer directly to business careers.

WSB’s Accenture Leadership Center offers additional programming and extracurricular opportunities for undergraduate students to follow their individual passions, which sets them up for success as future business and community leaders. 

Business Badger Badges is a new program within the Accenture Leadership Center that helps undergraduate students select specific cocurricular experiences to build skills and demonstrate expertise in different areas of leadership.

The badges give students recognition for their learning experiences at workshops, conferences, and case competitions. After attending events and completing the requirements for a badge, students earn a credential to display digitally on their LinkedIn profile or résumé. 

The program launched in Fall 2019 with two initial badges in Group Dynamics and Personal Leadership Styles. More badges are being developed.

Student Charlotte Suttner (BBA ’23) says it’s easy to gain career-focused knowledge from the Business Badger Badges workshops and events.

“I decided to earn a Business Badger Badge because I wanted to improve my leadership skills when I’m in a group setting, and the Group Dynamics Badge sounded like a tremendous opportunity to do so. I was right,” says Suttner. “I know it will help me stand out.” 

The Group Dynamics Badge focuses on navigating conflict and developing new solutions to complex problems. Students learn to motivate, coach, and give and receive feedback.

The Personal Leadership Styles Badge helps students explore their personal leadership, strengths, and interpersonal styles while enhancing their ability to recognize and adapt to the different styles of others.

Business Badger Badges will continue to grow as a program next fall, giving students a customizable undergraduate experience that will make an impact in their careers.