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Alumni in Action

The Business of Toys: Experts Talk Sustainability, Marketplace, and Love of Play

By Alumni Relations

October 7, 2021

It is difficult to be successful in the toy industry without a love of play, discovery, and safety. That became apparent during The Business of Toys virtual event hosted by the Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) on Wednesday, October 6.

During the event, toy experts with combined decades of experience at big names like Mattel, Hasbro, and American Girl gave insider perspectives on supply chain disruption, sustainability pressure, and how the retail environment has drastically shifted with e-commerce.

Included in the panel were Tom Kalinske (BS ’66), former chief executive officer of Mattel, Matchbox, Sega, LeapFrog, and Knowledge Universe; David Kosnoff (MBA ’06), vice president, quality assurance, Hasbro; and Shawn Dennis, board member, GoldieBlox, and former chief marketing officer and former senior vice president of marketing, American Girl.

The topic also prompted a lively conversation and networking connections among participants in the virtual chat during the event. Watch the full conversation above or on the Wisconsin School of Business YouTube page.