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Alumni in Action

UW at 175: WSB Alums Share Memories of Making the Grade

By Chris Malina

December 1, 2023

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It’s a tale as old as time. Or, at least as far back as 1848…

Just about every UW–Madison student who has stepped foot on campus over the past 175 years could tell you a story about the experience of attending classes, hitting the books for exams, or—frankly—cutting loose after the tests are finally over.

As today’s students prepare for another season of final exams—and look forward to celebrating the end of another semester—five Business Badgers reflect on some of their favorite academic memories.

Eat, Sleep, Study

“It was the summer of 1982 and I was behind on credits. I booked myself as solid as I could in summer session courses, including a three-week business law course with lots of hours packed in. I learned a ton in the class, and became a total convert to those intensive sessions, where you eat, sleep, and live the material. This was the most convivial, fun, and collaborative group of students of my entire bachelor’s studies. We were clearly in it together.”

—Susan Stemper (BBA ’83, MS ’87)

Terrace chair.

Pass the Test, Pass the Pitcher

“There was nothing better than finishing spring exams and heading to the Union to celebrate with friends.”

—Robert Pieper (BBA ’89)

Post-Exam Clarity

One of my favorite memories dates back to my first year on campus. I was returning to Ogg Hall from an algebra exam. The exam was at night near the ‘old’ Commerce building. As I crossed near Abe Lincoln on Bascom Hill, I noticed the lights of State Street stretching toward the Capitol. I stopped, studied the lights, and thought, ‘that’s an amazing sight.’”

—Brian Hale (BBA ’81, MBA ’87)

Sunrise over lake.

Putting the ‘View’ in Reviewing

“Studying by Lake Mendota will always be a favorite memory.”

—Thomas Pamperin (BBA ’70, MBA ’73)

Summer Lovin’

“I loved taking summer classes and I stayed in Madison every summer—even taking seven credits over one summer and graduating that August. The weather is fantastic. The Terrace is amazing. The slow pace of taking one or two classes at a time allowed for focus. I loved all of it.”

—Taura Prosek (BBA ’93)

This story is Part 2 in our ongoing alumni memories series. You can read more from WSB alums, including their favorite football memories, love stories, student shenanigans, and impactful experiences.

You can also join the anniversary celebration on UW–Madison’s 175th anniversary website, and by using #UW175 on social media.