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Student Experience

Wisconsin MBA Helped Josh and Will Switch to Dream Careers

Going back to school proved to be a fantastic investment

By Paul Smirl

March 13, 2019

Will Rosenheimer (MBA ’19) and Josh Torres (MBA ’19) left their jobs two years ago to go back to school.

Will worked in the tech and nonprofit spaces. Josh was a corporate attorney. They both felt the need to grow, learn, and change their lives.

They enrolled in the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program.

“You owe it to yourself to find something that really challenges you, really gets you excited to get up every morning and go to work,” says Torres.

“It became clear relatively quickly after a number of information interviews that I [needed] to go back to school to get my MBA to springboard me into a career that would give me that exciting feeling.”

Both students were nervous about leaving behind their jobs. Taking two years off to purse a full-time MBA program would be an investment.

“I knew I would acquire the skills, the network, and the eventual job that I was hoping to get.”

—Will Rosenheimer (MBA ’19)

“I knew especially coming to a program like Wisconsin, you have a really high ROI,” says Rosenheimer. “We have very predictable and certain outcomes out of this program. I knew I would acquire the skills, the network, and the eventual job that I was hoping to get. And so that kind of helped settle some of those doubts and fears.”

Will and Josh will graduate with their MBAs in May with new full-time positions awaiting them. Will will lead a team of marketers at General Mills, while Josh heads to SC Johnson in a brand management role.

“I couldn’t be more happy with what I’ve done here,” says Torres. “The transition from attorney to marketer happened so quickly for me … I feel like I’m so prepared to be successful at the job.”


The Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program is ranked #1 in ROI by U.S. News & World Report for MBA programs with starting compensation of at least $100,000.

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