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Full-Time MBA Student Spotlights

Apply Market Research to Business Strategy

Lindsey Rasie

Lindsey Rasie

University of Wisconsin–Madison
Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2018
Specialization: Marketing Analytics and Insights
Hometown: East Lyme, Connecticut
Internship: Market Research Insights Intern, Adobe
Before Wisconsin School of Business: Senior Consumer Scientist, Unilever

Lindsey Rasie needed an MBA to be a competitive leader in marketing research. She knew that the Wisconsin School of Business was the best choice to give her the advantage she needed to succeed. Now in her second year, Lindsey has an expanded vision of how marketing research can influence industries of all types, and she is primed to make a major impact in her career.

When I researched MBA programs, Wisconsin was the clear winner. It had the best marketing research curriculum, the most active professional network, and offered the best education for the cost.

Lindsey Rasie

I had a clear picture of what I wanted to do when I graduated, but my hands-on learning experiences in the Wisconsin MBA Program shifted my perspective. In my summer internship I was able to see how Adobe applies marketing research to technology, and to contrast that with my research experience in consumer product goods. I now see the role that marketing research can play in nearly all industries.

With the curriculum at Wisconsin, I am getting comprehensive marketing research expertise while boosting my general business acumen. There is no other program like this in the country. I’m learning the quantitative and qualitative analysis methods that I need to succeed, while getting experience applying research to business strategy. This focus, plus the general business lessons learned in my core classes,is giving me a strong hiring advantage.

My Business Strategy class gave me a fresh approach to problem-solving. I now have a greater understanding of the many roles that go into creating effective strategy. The MBA coursework is very engaging and continues to inspire me. Content is current and relevant and is taught by industry-respected faculty in a dynamic environment.

Mentorship is adding a whole other dimension to my education. My mentor is a leading marketing researcher with extensive industry experience. She helped walk me through multiple, fantastic internship offers and was integral in ensuring that I made the right decision for my career. She also checks in regularly to answer any questions about the industry or my job search and is always open to calls. Wisconsin’s program really ensures that you’re supported, connected, and ready to excel.

There are many opportunities to take on skill-building leadership positions during your Wisconsin MBA. In my first year, I already had lead roles in marketing research studies. In my
second year, I’ll be active on a few research studies and continue building on the skills and techniques learned.I am also involved with the General Marketing Network, which sponsors real-world learning opportunities. One event involved unearthing the similarities and differences between private label products and their big brand counterparts. It was interesting to discover that private labels offer high-quality products that are often indistinguishable from big brands.