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Full-Time MBA Student Spotlights

Apply Real‑World Strategies

Camille Clark

Camille Clark

University of Wisconsin‑Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2017
Specialization: Marketing Research
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Internship: Strategy Intern, Starbucks, Seattle, WA
Before Wisconsin School of Business: Product Planning Manager at Travelzoo

Camille sought an MBA to further her leadership skills and become a role model for women in business. She wanted to build on her niche experience in hotel administration, retail, and media, and gain a deeper base of skills in marketing. Camille earned her specialized Wisconsin MBA in marketing research in 2017, received hands-on experience as a student, and landed a top job at American Airlines.

I chose the Wisconsin MBA for its small class size and reputation. I considered other programs that had Classes of 500+ students, but those felt overwhelming. The individualized attention and welcoming environment at the Wisconsin School of Business helped me feel at home right away. From my first phone call to the school as a prospective student, I received more individualized attention than I did at any other school. My first visit to campus was largely one-on-one, and I thought that was really unique and impressive.

The Wisconsin School of Business provided strategic guidance on the specialization that’s the best fit for my personality, my goals, and the type of job I want after graduation. I knew I wanted to do work that allowed me to have a hand in solving a variety of problems at every level. After considering another specialization, I met with the director of admissions, who recognized my interest in project-based work and put me in touch with the director of the Marketing Research specialization. Once I learned more about Marketing Research, it was clear that this was the right fit for me.

The specialization model offered at the Wisconsin School of Business helps students stand out during internship recruitment. Having a level of specialization puts you one step ahead of students from more general MBA programs. When you’re networking at career fairs and can reference specific industries or jobs, you appear more confident and decisive, and that’s more impressive to employers overall.

One of my favorite classes was Macroeconomics, which deepened my understanding of financial markets and broadened my perspective on how businesses present their products in international economies. Many of the companies that recruit from the Wisconsin School of Business are international brands with international perspectives and missions. Macroeconomics helped me view products and services through the lens of other countries and their economies, and understand how this affects product design and messaging worldwide.

Applied learning opportunities within the Wisconsin School of Business allow you to examine real implications on a business firsthand. My favorite applied learning session was on budgeting. We created budgets using a variety of research tools and methodologies for a scenario we were given. We could see the impact of allocating research dollars and how that impacts a business. We learned that fiscal responsibility is a way to demonstrate proficiency and the importance of being able to justify why it’s important to spend money when and where you do.

Extracurricular activities and leadership roles within the Wisconsin School of Business help connect me to the University of Wisconsin–Madison at large. I’m treasurer of the Black Graduate and Professional Students Association, co-president of Graduate Women in Business, and the community service chair for Diversity in Business. I’m also a member of the club tennis team. I knew the MBA program would have a lot to offer, but I was also able to benefit from the opportunities offered by a large university.

Applied learning opportunities within the Wisconsin School of Business allow you to examine real implications on a business firsthand.

Camille Clark