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Alumni Spotlights

Carly Wood

Carly Wood

BBA '12

Group product manager, Intuit
Mountain View, California

Industry: ,

Region: West

Carly Wood is dedicated to the customer experience in tech industry.

Creating the best experience isn’t just Carly Wood’s role as a team leader and customer advocate at Intuit, it’s something that has been ingrained in her since at least her college days.

Carly is a group product manager for Intuit in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she has been since 2015. She leads a team of product managers responsible for three of the company’s QuickBooks segments. Over the years she has used any method available—in-person interviews, email, customer reviews—to get customer feedback on the products.

Working for the end user has been Carly’s mission since her first days at WSB. Excited to learn more about the School, she was disappointed that orientation was just a three-hour PowerPoint presentation and set about to help improve it.

“I left feeling deflated, and then joined a committee to improve the experience,” she says. “We made it more interactive with student leaders, smaller breakout sessions, and a T-shirt that was a visible symbol of our community.”

Carly began her career at General Mills as a marketing planning associate. After three years she was intrigued by the idea of getting out of her comfort zone and heading to California as an associate product manager at Intuit.

She fit right in at the tech giant, which came as no surprise.

“There are a lot of Badgers at Intuit,” she says. “The cultures are similar. We’re collaborative and innovative. We’re always pushing ourselves to do new things.”

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