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Full-Time MBA Student Spotlights

Develop a Breadth of Knowledge

David Olson

David Olson

University of Wisconsin‑Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2017
Specialization: Risk Management and Insurance
Hometown: Redding, CA
Internship: Risk Management Intern at United Educator’s Insurance
Before Wisconsin School of Business: Asst. Director of Campus Safety

David entered the Wisconsin MBA Program to immerse himself in a specialized field and build a strong professional network. Drawn to the depth of the Wisconsin MBA curriculum and alumni community, David has built up a well-rounded portfolio of skills and connected with leaders throughout the risk management and insurance industry.

I was looking for a program that provided depth and I found it in the Wisconsin MBA. The Wisconsin risk management curriculum has twice as many options as peer programs. When I spoke with the instructors and staff here, I knew that Wisconsin was the place for me. The Wisconsin MBA Program provides you with an amazing combination of specialized insights in your field and personal attention to help you with your specific career goals.

It’s easy to build a strong network with the Wisconsin MBA. The risk management department at the Wisconsin School of Business is over 75 years old and has alumni in every area of the industry. Wisconsin alumni understand where you are in your career and can guide you with your next steps. The amount of time that alumni dedicate to helping students with career advice and campus events is inspiring.

When I spoke with the instructors and staff here, I knew that Wisconsin was the place for me.

David Olson

The accessibility of the faculty is a wonderful asset of the Wisconsin program. The faculty know you on a first name basis and encourage you to ask questions about class material and their areas of expertise. This is especially true within your specialization where industry experts are leading the center and can share from their deep experiences in their disciplines.

My career opportunities have expanded exponentially. Through my interactions with alumni and industry professionals I have discovered a number of fascinating areas within my industry. I now have the knowledge and skills to work in countless roles.

The program has prepared me to reach new levels of leadership. While I always felt that I had the potential to really accelerate my career, the Wisconsin MBA Program has definitely given me the tools, experience, and network to do this with confidence.