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Full-Time MBA Student Spotlights

Develop High-Level Strategic HR Skills

Ellen Chen

Ellen Chen

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2019
Specialization: Strategic Human Resource Management
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Internship: MBA Intern at Google in Austin, Texas

I reached out to alumni of my target schools during the MBA application process and was so impressed by the responsive, supportive, and collaborative Wisconsin alums. Each generously contributed time to answer my questions, share experience, and offer thoughtful advice. Before I was even able to visit the campus, I already felt connected to the warm, welcoming Wisconsin family.

The specialized MBA program as well as the top-ranked ROI made the Wisconsin School of Business my clear choice. My professional passion is to be a dynamic HR business partner and expand on my prior work experience. The Strategic Human Resource Management Specialization at Wisconsin provides a perfect blend of strategic knowledge and skills. I am gaining comprehensive business knowledge and focused learning on how to develop a systematic HR framework.

As part of a team trip to Madrid, I worked on a project to help a Fortune 500 company refine its business strategy in the European market. This health care company wanted to evaluate feasibility of a value-based sales model in which high-end diagnostic equipment was paid for by annual usage rather than up-front purchase. We had amazing opportunities to apply classroom knowledge and leverage our varied backgrounds to address a challenge facing this company. The experience, which also provided deep cultural insights, was so outstanding that I am also going to go on this year’s global trip to Lima, Peru.

On our global trip, we had invaluable conversations with senior executives, had full access to market data, learned from experts, and eventually refined strategic recommendations for leadership.

Ellen Chen

In my internship at Google, I worked on a complex project in a fast-moving environment. I was successful due to all I learned in my first year. Integrative thinking and comprehensive knowledge empowered me to overcome all kinds of barriers and identify the most effective solutions. The persistence and strong ownership I learned in the MBA program motivated me to go above and beyond in my internship—and succeed at what initially felt like “mission impossible.”

The team structure of the cohort provides a dynamic platform that brings together students from different professional and cultural backgrounds. As we work on projects together, I am learning from my teammates while practicing my interpersonal and leadership skills. I truly enjoy my classmates. Every Badger I have interacted with is so talented, supportive, generous, and amazing!

As a board member of Diversity in Business, I am helping craft a diversified, inclusive and welcoming WSB culture for students from all over the world. As an international student, the student organization experience helps me get more exposure to the domestic culture and provides opportunities to interact with people from different backgrounds.