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Full-Time MBA Student Spotlights

Gain Hands-On Portfolio Management Skills

Evan Bernier

Evan Bernier

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2018
Specialization: Applied Security Analysis Program
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Internship: Securities Analyst, State of Wisconsin Investment Board
Before Wisconsin School of Business: Business Administrator

Evan Bernier aspires to perform at a high level in the investment world. He is preparing with in-depth knowledge he is gaining in the Wisconsin MBA Program plus one-to-one support from industry leaders who are integral to the program. Evan had worked in investment banking after college, then ventured into a different career. Now he is learning alongside other highly motivated peers to re-enter the field at the top. The Applied Security Analysis Program (ASAP) is the ideal fit to give him the hands-on experience and industry contacts he needs to stand out and achieve his goals.

You won’t find a better combination of expertise, experience, and focus than at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Evan Bernier

Through hands-on experience in a classroom setting I’m learning the exact tools used by professionals in the industry. The Applied Security Analysis Program teaches very specific, real-world-portfolio management skills. In year one of the program I learned how to properly research investments. In the second year, I will manage an actual portfolio of assets.

Classroom diversity and the group dynamic of varied classroom and consulting projects has honed my people skills. I truly appreciate the collaborative culture at Wisconsin and look forward to applying that philosophy in my career.

Faculty collaboration assures a strong, well-coordinated curriculum. Also, each core course is with the same group of students within your specialization. We get to know each other well and the professors know us by name. You don’t get lost in the shuffle. It is very easy to ask for help and get the attention you need to succeed.

The strong alumni base is invaluable. The ASAP alumni are professionals doing the exact work we are preparing to do. There is a lot of one-on-one contact through mock and informational interviews. Alumni have also supported me by reviewing my stock and other investment reports. They are very genuine and they want to see us succeed.

As a career switcher jumping into a specialized industry, I knew I would want to take advantage of career services. My dedicated career advisor has been an all-star. I got expert advice on my cover letter and resume, industry-specific interview preparation, and networking strategies. This support helped me secure an internship as a securities analyst.