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Alumni Spotlights

Marjorie Scott

Marjorie Scott

MBA '12

Analytics business partner, diversity and inclusion, Meta
Washington, D.C.


Region: Northeast

Marjorie Scott isn’t afraid to take a leap of faith

Marjorie Scott (MBA ’12) knows a thing or two about making a pivot.

As a double major in theater and psychology who pursued a PhD before diving into the business world, Scott is used to zigging and zagging along a career path—but she’s been more than ready for each new challenge.  

“It’s really fun to always be learning more about yourself and applying skills in different arenas,” she says. “In hindsight it all looks perfect, but each step has been a little leap of faith. You have to ask yourself, ‘Do you see how the past has built you to be at this point?’ And then just leap.”

At Meta (formerly Facebook), Marjorie uses her teaching, market research, and analytics skills to help ensure diversity and inclusion are embraced and supported for the company’s more than 71,000 employees. 

Her best advice to recent Wisconsin School of Business graduates? Trust in your past experience and don’t be afraid to explore new opportunities.

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