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Alumni Spotlights

Pranay Kapadia

Pranay Kapadia

BS ’05, MBA ’07

Co-founder and CEO, Notable
San Mateo, California

Industry: , ,

Region: West

Pranay Kapadia finds solutions that make a difference

When Pranay Kapadia’s wife mentioned that she and her physician colleagues were the world’s highest-paid data collectors, he realized he had the knowledge and skills to change that. Pranay’s entrepreneurial niche is in creating solutions that streamline workflows through data and artificial intelligence, so easing administrative burdens and paperwork could help doctors focus on what they do best.

That’s what Pranay does—find solutions. Because of that, his MBA was a key component as he built a successful career in Silicon Valley. He earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science, but knew his desire to problem-solve through technology required something more.

“Even if you have the solution for a global problem, to scale it and actually solve it is not a one-person job,” he says. Earning an MBA got him out from behind the computer to learn the skills and meet people who could help advance his ideas.

First was a job at Intuit, where he asked for the company’s most challenging assignment. He landed it—creating multicurrency QuickBooks accounting software. He then moved into the startup world with Blend, a mortgage software company now valued at more than $3 billion.

He launched Notable in 2017, blending personal tech and artificial intelligence to help medical professionals. It began as a way for doctors to collect patient information by dictating into an Apple Watch, then automating other health care workflows During the COVID-19 pandemic Notable technology created solutions to help manage vaccine administration.

Pranay takes challenges personally. In fact, his company name—Notable—serves as a reminder that solutions are there despite what other people might say.

“If you look closely, it says ‘not able,’” he points out. “Everyone said, ‘You’re not able to do that.’”

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