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Alumni Spotlights

Travis Bembenek

Travis Bembenek

BBA '96

Chief executive officer, Mexico News Daily
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Region: International

Travis Bembenek is telling a better story about Mexico

When the media turns its gaze to Mexico, Travis Bembenek (BBA ’96) knows it’s not always pretty. But as CEO of Mexico News Daily—an English language newspaper he acquired in 2022—he’s looking to change that negative narrative, one story at a time.

Through positive reporting that showcases Mexico’s geography, culture, history, art, cuisine, and more, Travis and his staff are painting a more comprehensive portrait of a complex and increasingly popular country.

“Our mission is to elevate the profile of Mexico,” he says. “People are coming here to retire, people are investing here, business owners are now relocating here. We’re trying to be the source of information and news to these many groups.”

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, Travis never imagined living and working in Mexico when he enrolled as an undergraduate student at WSB. But the enactment of NAFTA in 1994 piqued his interest in the country and inspired him to study abroad there. After he returned, Travis enrolled in an executive-level class at WSB prior to graduation about doing business with Mexico—something that ultimately changed his life.

“Thanks to the people and connections I made there, I was able to find my first job which helped me take off in international business,” he says. “In my first five years out of college, I was able to travel on business to more than 50 different countries.”

From there, Travis spent more than 15 years working in the water industry supporting Latin America. While his connection to Mexico remained strong, he eventually sought an alternative way to make an impact and pivoted to media during the COVID-19 pandemic. He now oversees a diverse editorial staff and has ambitions to grow the paper even further—something he says only WSB could have prepared him for.

“My experience there really opened my eyes and prepared me to become a global citizen,” he says. “Now, I’m living in another country, involved in business, trying to make a positive impact, and truly loving it.”

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