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UW Global Experience in Argentina

By Kallan Picha, Director of Global Programs and Partnerships

March 9, 2023

Immersion into the unique business culture of Argentina. A wide variety of international business-related topics will be explored, including Argentina’s political, social and cultural environment; market research and entry opportunities; the investment climate; challenges of doing business in an economy where inflation is entrenched; and more.

  • 4-week summer course with 10 days in Argentina
  • Earn 3 credits in International Business 365
  • Students must have completed International Business 200

Learning outcomes include:

  • Examine local and regional cultures and societies, including through the use of socio-economic frameworks.
  • Understand how globalization is shaping the local economy, and how the local economy in turn impacts globalization.
  • Transfer international business theory to professional practice.
  • Demonstrate personal and leadership qualities that help achieve success in global enterprise.

Please note that this program includes a day-trip to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

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